Thank you for visiting our web site and your consideration of RAM Fiberglass, Inc. for your fiberglass piping requirements.  Since 1973, RAM Fiberglass, Inc. has manufactured and supplied fiberglass pipe and fittings to the PETROLEUM, CHEMICAL PROCESS, POWER, MARINE AND MUNICIPAL MARKETS.  Our standard product line of pipe and fittings is manufactured using a premium grade epoxy vinyl ester resin pigmented dark grey which will handle most service environments to 200°F.   We also offer a premium grade high temperature epoxy vinyl ester resin system for services to 250°F.  Pipe and fittings manufactured from polyester, epoxy and furan resins are also available.  Please consult RAM Fiberglass, Inc. for the resin system which best suits your chemical environment.

 RAM pipe fittings are manufactured in sizes ˝-inch to 36-inch at our facility in Chino, California. Standard products are offered with a 40 mil corrosion resistant inner liner.  This 0.040-inch inner liner will provide good chemical resistance and abrasion resistance in most applications.  Our products are also available with a highly corrosion resistant 110 mil “SPI” liner in accordance with National Bureau of Standards (NBS) “Voluntary Product Standard, PS 15-69”. 

Several joining systems are offered to facilitate pipe and fitting assembly.  Standard joining systems for pipe and fittings 3/8-inch to 24-inch are adhesive bonded bell and spigot, flanged and plain-end for butt-and-wrap joining.   Joining systems for pipe sizes greater than 24-inch are usually plain-end for butt-and-wrap or flanged.  Restrained and unrestrained o-ring joints are also available in pipe sizes through 84-inch.  Threaded pipe fittings and adapters are also available in sizes to 8-inch.  Choosing the right joining system can save valuable field labor dollars.  Please consult RAM for assistance in selecting the right joining technique for your project.

 In addition to manufacturing, RAM offers complete shop fabrication service, field repairs and installation of fiberglass pipe and fittings.  If we can be of service in these areas, please contact us.

We at RAM Fiberglass are dedicated to servicing you in your fiberglass pipe and fittings requirements.  From standard off-the-shelf items to custom fittings, special fabrications, field repairs and field installation, we are sure you will find our manufacturing, sales and engineering staff and field service crews responsive to your individual requirements.

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