RAM Fiberglass manufactures filament wound pipe, pipe fittings and flanges in diameters from ˝” through 200” to standards published by ASTM, ANSI, AWWA, ASME and National Bureau of Standards.  Pipe and pipe fittings are available in pressure classes of 25, 50, 75, 125, and 150 psi and full vacuum service.


 Pipe, pipe fittings and flanges are manufactured from corrosion resistant epoxy vinyl ester, polyester, isophthalic, epoxy and furan resins.  ASTM E-84 Class 1 flame spread and low smoke resins are also available where applications require their use.

Our standard resin systems allow operating temperatures to 200 ° F with  higher temperatures of 250°F and 300°F available.

An ultra violet inhibitor and waxcoat in the external layers is standard on all RAM Fiberglass products.


 RAM Fiberglass manufactures standard products  dark gray for epoxy vinyl ester resins and black for epoxy resins.  We also manufacture pipe and pipe fittings in other colors based on a customer’s specific requirement or to alleviate the costs in painting the system after installation.


 RAM Fiberglass pipe and pipe fittings are manufactured standard with a nominal 40 mil internal liner of small “C”-veil or nexus veil.  Other liner thicknesses of 50, 60, 110 and 250 mil are also available as well as custom liners to meet specific requirements.

 We also offer abrasion resistant liners where applications demand a higher performance liner for services where abrasion or erosion is anticipated.

 External resin-rich liners are also available in services where the exterior of the pipe is exposed to attack by immersion or the pipe is installed in an environment where the exterior is subject to chemical attack.

 If static electrical discharge is of concern, we also manufacture a conductive liner that allows the piping system to be grounded.


 Standard joining systems include FNPT/MNPT pipe threads,  bell and spigot adhesive bonded, plain-end for butt-and-wrap, restrained and unrestrained O-ring,  and flanged.  We also manufacture adapters to allow conversion to or from victaulic and threaded connections as well as adapters to connect to other fiberglass piping systems including straight bell and taper-taper bell connections.


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